Off the Beaten Path: San Antonio Hot Springs

Wishing I was here! At 10 to 20 degrees outside these last few days, my nightly dreams have been of the hot springs…….

One of my top favorite places to hang out, sit in the hot steamy water for hours, and enjoy the sound of birds chirping and the wind blowing through the trees. The pools are located on the side of a mountain, about halfway up or down (in the middle), depending on your perspective.

These are some of the pools leading up to the springs. I would have taken a picture of the springs… but there were a few naked people running around.

On some occasions the springs are deserted when I head up there; especially if I can get to the springs during the week. I usually have a goal to get up there at least twice a year. With my hectic schedule even twice a year is difficult.

The dirt road driving up has gotten washed out so many times that the normal 30 minute drive runs now 45-50 minutes, (that doesn’t include the 45 minute drive from where I live to the dirt road) and the average low car won’t make it up. A truck, SUV, etc… is needed.

Anyone can hike back, it takes about an hour and half, plus there is a mountain to climb down to get to the springs, which isn’t bad. The hike is beautiful on it’s own. But after a long soak and relaxed muscles the hike back up the mountain is the pits.


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