September Posts Revisited:


I love hummingbirds:) They brighten my morning, day, and evening. I will gladly spend the money to buy them sugar and the time to make them food. (And no, I have not added up the cost of sugar they consume just from me in the short time they are here. I’m pretty certain it is a very pretty penny.) I have tried to feed them the already made hummingbird food, but they snub their little beaks at it! LOL. I guess my food is the Bomb:)
They zoom around me when I’m outside and don’t seem to be scared of me at all. Their colors shine brightly in the sun. They always make me smile. And they let me know when they are out of food by coming up to the window or buzzing right in my face. They have stayed around longer this year than most, I was still feeding them at the end of September and beginning of October. I’m not quite sure if I’m ready for them to leave until next season; even though my wallet might be:) Safe travels!

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