Off the Beaten Path: Jemez Springs Bath House

Maybe it’s just me/or maybe Mercury is in retrograde again… but life’s little stressors have had a big affect on me lately and I have been having a hard time shaking them off. Finally having another day off after a rough work week I decided to go for a ride into the mountains (I know I should have been writing but I have been stressed out to the point of doing something and then forgetting that I’ve done it and/or walking into a room and not remembering what I was going to do. Stress saps my energy & makes my mind go blank! Is it ever going to end? Work, teen in school, and now a leaking roof:(

The afternoon drive  lead me to the Jemez Springs Bath House. The Bath House is a cute little building owned by Jemez Springs and is non-profit. They have massages, herbal wraps and private mineral baths. I opted for a 50 min. mineral bath. I have been here before (a long, long, time ago) and bought one of their packages that included the massage, herbal wrap, and bath. The whole package was very relaxing, though I’m not sure I could have the herbal wrap again. It’s was rough for me, not being able to move around and all.

“Their facility includes four massage treatment rooms and eight oversized cement bath tubs. The tubs are enclosed for privacy and filled with 100% mineral water from the natural hot spring using a combination of hot and cold mineral water. Some of the hot mineral water is diverted into cooling tanks to cool overnight. The bather has control over the temperature of the bath by combining the hot and cooled mineral water. The naturally occurring minerals in the Bath House’s water are acid carbonate, aluminum, calcium, chloride, iron, magnesium, potassium, silicate, sodium and sulphate.”

After that I drove around the Jemez mountains for a while and enjoyed the scenery. Most of my stress has dropped off my shoulders and I am now ready to delve back into the grind-stone.

On a separate note:

I just read a great post on getting organized and time management. I have been getting organized and back into a routine and my time management in the mornings (before work) has been getting better. It’s the after work drain that’s giving me the blues. I need to get motivated at night to get things done, without the cup of coffee. If I have caffeine after 6pm I tend to be up all night and that’s not good because I wake up fairly early in the mornings. I’ve had to limit my writing to my days off because I find it difficult to stop writing and remember what I was thinking about in order to go to my day job.

Any suggestions on picking up that extra energy at night without getting the extra jolt from caffeine?

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