Why I will no longer trade reviews:

For the last year I have had many authors ask me if I wanted to trade reviews with them. Sure, sometimes it takes me up to a month get a book read and a review up because of my busy schedule, But I always get the review up- on my blog, amazon…. and I usually pin the book on Pinterest. I also will email the other author if I am running behind.

Of Course: A bit of free publicity doesn’t hurt. Unfortunately, I have yet to see reviews from most of the authors who agreed to trade with me:( Lets say at least 95% over the last year and a half. I’m not going to mention any names of those authors so please don’t ask.

If I really like a book and have time I will write a review on my blog and Amazon, but I am no longer trading reviews; especially if I am NOT getting the consideration back! I mean really, how many chances should a person give? For me it’s been too many now and I’m done. Maybe I’m not dealing with the right authors for trading reviews, but if this is a new fad I foresee many authors deciding that it is not worth their valuable time and more reviews getting denied.

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