Calabisitas (Normally a veggie dish)

Another 7 day run at work:( I have finally gotten myself moved (unpacked boxes aside) and am now trying very hard to get myself on a better routine. I keep hoping for the extra energy at night to blog, and write. Most of my emails are done in the morning before work. I know my schedule will slow down and hopefully that will be after this 7 day run. Tuesday will be my first next day off and I am planning on hiding myself in my room and doing some writing:) But until then…


Making dinner the other night I decided to experiment with the Calabasitas recipe I normally use for my squash and zucchini dish. (My boss gave me a huge Zucchini someone else had given her.) She had no idea what to do with it. I had some fresh/frozen tomatoes from my garden last year and some ground beef that had to be used up.

I just started cooking the ground beef when my teen came in and “But Mom I want to add my special spices to it” (he loves adding new spices to about anything he cooks, kind of like mom.) This is what we came up with:

Oven 350
In a casserole dish, layered
Start with: Thawed fresh tomatoes
Sliced zucchini
Sliced onion
Chopped Green Chili (I use freshly roasted Hatch green chili that I freeze every year.)
Ground beef (I only let him put in salt, white pepper and smoked paprika)
Sliced garlic
Sliced yellow squash
Canned fire roasted tomatoes, Hunts not drained
And finally a blend of shredded Mexican cheese and sharp cheddar on top.

I cooked it for about 40 minutes because my zucchini slices were a little thick.
Everyone loved it! My boss included:)

(I can honestly say I am not very good at measuring ingredients. If I’m cooking something that is from a recipe in my head, or just dreamed up by me I don’t measure, but since this came out exceptionally good I thought I’d share:0)

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