Off the Beaten Path: My secret hideaway

My posts are going to be/or have been sporadic this month due to moving (I have to be done and out by the end of the month), work (which should be balancing itself out soon), and my very long awaited (like all summer) camping trip.


Time to kick up my heels and do nothing but hike, wander, and sit in front of a camp fire:)

This was so needed… Unfortunately I didn’t get down into my secret place due to the rain and chance of getting flooded out, but I’m not complaining. We have needed this amount of rain for years and have been getting a ton of it this year! Yay!!

We were up in the mountains for three days getting dirty and smoky, on a mesa and at some ruins. It was a wonderful time with some wonderful friends. Of course, I wasn’t ready to leave and now I’m ready to go back, but reality calls:)

Along with the pretty wildflowers surrounding us we ran into some huge mushrooms.

We also had a campfire pig roast! About 31/2 hours on a spit over the campfire left the meat so moist and yummy all of the way through. Of course the pineapple, green chili, apples and other delicious ingredient’s the boys added to the meat made the dinner even more spectacular. Thanks Boys:)


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