Scrivener: Part One

I have been reading about this product Scrivener for months now and have wanted to try it. I honestly have to say that lately I have been in a constant fight with word. It just doesn’t want to do what I want it to do half of the time and I have had to delete my formatting and format my books over because I maybe added something in or something? I’m not sure, but the formatting does weird stuff on there and I would end up with huge paragraph spaces that I can’t seem to adjust. Also I have been looking for another software that I can use to put my books in .epub format without having to delete my formatting, download my books into Words 98 and redo my formatting.

Well I have finally had the chance to get the Free Trial download of Scrivener.

Step 1. Is the tutorial. Scrivener said it should only take about an hour to complete the tutorial. So far I’m several hours into it, but so far I am impressed with everything I’ve seen. Usually I keep my notes on stickies on my computer or handwritten in various places…. now I have a binder and/or corkboard in Scrivener to use. And if I have my computer (which most of the time I do) I don’t have to carry my big binder around with me:)

(Okay-it took me 5 days to get through the tutorial (LOL), but I will forgive myself since I am in the middle of moving and working 6-7 days a week. The tutorial was a fairly easy read. Thank Goodness. I know I will have to go back in for a few things, but this doesn’t seem as complicated as I first thought for learning a new program. This looks like it can be fun and less frustrating than working in other programs.)

Step 2. I am going to upload Dark Fates, get it ready for Smashwords and export for .epub. Lets see how smooth this goes…

Well that was fairly easy:) I did need to go back into my .doc file and do a few text changes, but it was a small book–I’ll have to see if I can make those changes permanent in Scrivener before I upload next time…

Step 3. I am now going to upload one of my novels to break apart and read one more time before it goes to print.

(Open office doc revisions does not import into Scrivener, but you can save as word 97-2003 and then import into Scrivener.)

Before starting I did a snapshot on the original version of my novel, this way I have a copy of the original I can look back at if I need to.

A very interesting note: Scrivener seems to be picking up several misspelling the other software didn’t get? Hmmm… the ones the eyes automatically skip over when reading…

So, I am on Chapt. 3 right now of my novel and I’m enjoying reading it again. It’s been slow, life has been demanding and I can’t wait until life slows down a little again. I’ve been itching to write, but the distractions keep coming!

Breaking apart my chapters has been really easy using Split with Selection as Title and I even have one or two side notes going on a few things that I want to check on in future chapters of the book:) You all know the ones… the ones you think you’ll remember or you jot down on that piece of paper, then forget or lose that paper/or better yet, forget to look at that piece of paper. LOL

To be continued; hopefully soon:)

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