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News Worthy Short Stories 

The Snake in the Cereal

The Fire in the Mountains  
The Man with the Bugs
Cannabis Cannibalism -vs- The West Nile Virus
Bats, Cats and Wildlife

The Snake in the Cereal

Lindsey held up the restraining order again, letting her eyes scan over the paper.

“That Bastard! He’s the one who started the war between us! And he took a restraining order out on me!”

“I’ll show him,” she smirked. “He’ll wish he never messed with me!”

 She glanced at the calendar, then the clock. Friday night, he should be out all weekend with at least one of his female friends if not four or five. A smile curved over her lips as she rummaged through her dresser drawer and pulled out a key. She’d lead him to believe she’d given them all back and he was way to egotistical to change the locks on his doors. After all, who would dare break into his “mansion on the hill.” He did have a nice house with a pool she though, but it was a far cry from a “mansion.”

Argh! She couldn’t believe she married that psycho. Always telling her one thing, but really meaning the complete opposite. Putting her down every chance he got, expecting her to do his bidding all of the time. Talk about mental abuse. She could never do anything right in his eyes. Then she found out he was cheating. When she showed him proof, the pictures, what did he do? He denied it, accused her, and totaled her vehicle. He locked her out of the house. He wouldn’t let her in to get her clothes, her make-up, or even her toothbrush.

She finally got the divorce papers in order. Her lawyer finally served him. Instead of signing the forms he gets a restraining order on her. On her?!

She took a deep breath, poured herself some brandy and glanced at the clock again. A slow grin spread over her face. It would be dark soon. Jason would be hanging out at his regular haunts. She would have a surprise waiting for him when he returned.

She warned him not to screw with her. She’d been nice up until now. Now he would pay. If she had her way he would sign the damn papers after tonight and leave her the hell alone.

She yanked an outfit from the closet. Man, she loved the color black. She changed, tossed back the last of the brandy for courage and walked to her car.


“Ah, my little pet,” Lindsey sighed, stepping through the door into Mouse’s room. The area was elaborately decorated with plants in every corner, a plastic tree for Mouse to climb, water, rat cages, and Mouse’s very own litter box.

Okay, so Mouse wasn’t little and Jason considered her his baby. Her soon-to-be ex thought it funny to name the eight foot Boa Constrictor Mouse. Lindsey thought the name was stupid. Thought he should find something better that matched Mouse’s beautiful gold, copper, and black colors. But what did she know? Jason didn’t think she was nearly as smart as he was.

She rubbed Mouse’s head. Despite everything, she did love the snake. She was there when he picked her out, or when the snake picked Lindsey out. They bonded that day. Mouse wrapped her little body around Lindsey’s arm and Jason decided to buy her. Lindsey fed her and took care of her. Mouse followed her around the house. Yes, she did love the snake.

Lindsey just couldn’t stand it when Jason put Mouse in the bed while she was sleeping. She had insomnia for months wondering when he would pull that stunt again. When she could sleep again she’d have the sensation of phantom slithering over her skin. Pins pricked over her arms and up the back of her neck when she thought back to that time. She didn’t blame the snake. Jason was the one who thought it was funny.

She left Mouse hanging on the tree and wandered down the hallway. Mouse had been pregnant when she’d left. Lindsey hoped some of her babies were still here. She slowly opened the door and peeked inside. Bile rose into her throat. She slammed the door shut. The baby snakes room was empty compared to Mouse’s room, all they had was a hard wood floor to slither on and water bowls.

“Disgusting,” she muttered, breathing in fresh air while walking back down the hallway.

She hunted down some latex gloves, took and held a deep breath, covered her mouth with her shirt and ventured back into the room. The baby snakes were still there. Most of them were dead rotting corpses lying on the floor. She tiptoed around the remains, catching all of the live babies she could find. She gave them the freedom they deserved, in his backyard.

Lindsey glanced at the time. She needed to get out of the house soon she thought. Taking several more deep inhalations she stepped back into the spare room and collected the dead snakes, scooping them into a bag.

He’d made this easy for her. She wasn’t sure if she could kill the snakes herself. She rummaged through the kitchen until she found his favorite cereal. She dumped some of the snakes into it, closed the box, and then shook it. Next she wandered into his bedroom. The bed was rumpled as usual. She shoved some of the babies in between the sheets, left a few floating in his toilet bowl for good measure and tossed the rest in his dresser drawers.

Before leaving she visited Mouse one more time and gave her one last pet from the tip of her nose to the end of her tail.


Lindsey was wearing the rug out in her living room. She knew it, but couldn’t help it. He should have called by now. She could picture him pouring his cereal into a bowl and getting pissed. That was normally the first thing he did when he went on a bender, cereal first, bed later.

“Nine days,” she mumbled under her breath. “Where the hell is he?”

He should have at least called her and accused her of trashing his house. She wanted the divorce and was ready to go over and set fire to his house next time if he didn’t sign the papers. But her plans weren’t going to work if he wasn’t willing to play the game and at least call her.

“Okay, okay, you’re getting yourself all worked up. A nice long walk will do you some good,” she breathed.

She cut through her backyard to the park and headed downtown. Maybe a light lunch and a good book would help she thought.

She entered her favorite coffee shop and stopped short. She hated the news, couldn’t stand watching it, and hadn’t watched it since Jason locked her out of the house. But the small TV on the countertop flashed a story that caught her eye. She stepped forward, just catching the end of the news clip.

Jason had been found yesterday, drowned in his swimming pool. No foul play suspected. Lunch forgotten she wandered back home and stumbled upon a nice surprise sunning on the patio. She smiled, poured herself a glass of brandy and waited for the evening news to come on. She wanted to jump for joy. She never had to take his shit again.

Lindsey waited with nervous anticipation for the police to call her, watched the news every night and held her breath. Not one investigator contacted her. Finally there was an update on Jason’s death. She kicked up her feet and listened intently to the news lady covering the story:

“…The toxicology report came back showing cocaine in Jason Albright’s system. His blood alcohol level was more than twice the legal limit. The police suspect Mr. Albright went on a rampage after his last girlfriend broke up with him and hit a downward spiral, which more than likely explains the dead snakes found all over his house. The initial cause of death was unknown until recently due to advanced decomposition of Jason Albright’s body because of the length of time he was in the pool. The autopsy report shows that Mr. Albright was strangled by a large snake, more than likely his pet Boa Constrictor. We cannot find the snake in question at this time. If anyone sees this Boa Constrictor,” the news anchor held up a picture of Mouse, “please call the police immediately. Do not try to approach the snake. It is considered dangerous…”

Laughing, Lindsey clicked off the TV, bent down and gave Mouse a big kiss on her nose.

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