The Evil Dead (2013) Review

Who could forget these great movies with Bruce Campbell and Director/Writer Sam Raimi

1981 Five friends travel to a cabin in the woods, where they unknowingly release flesh-possessing demons.


 Sam Raimi


 Sam Raimi

1987 The lone survivor of an onslaught of flesh-possessing spirits holds up in a cabin with a group of strangers while the demons continue their attack.


 Sam Raimi


 Sam RaimiScott Spiegel

A man is accidentally transported to 1300 A.D., where he must battle an army of the dead and retrieve the Necronomicon so he can return home.


 Sam Raimi


 Sam RaimiIvan Raimi

These have been some of my favorite movies, you know, the ones that can be watched over and over without getting boring. So when the Evil Dead Remake (2013) came out I was really not sure if I wanted to see it. Honestly I really didn’t want to see it, I mean why mess with a good thing and the first three are really good (add in the bit of corniness). 
My husband wanted to go see it only because it was produced by Bruce Campbell himself and convinced me to go with him.

2013 Five friends head to a remote cabin, where the discovery of a Book of the Dead leads them to unwittingly summon up demons living in the nearby woods. The evil presence possesses them until only one is left to fight for survival.


 Fede Alvarez


 Fede Alvarez (screenplay), Rodo Sayagues(screenplay), 1 more credit »

I was hoping there would be a touch of funny in the Evil Dead Remake, but it was filmed the way I expected it to be filmed in this day and age–gore.  The story-line did follow true to the first Evil Dead (1981) with a few extras added in which was fine except for the book. In my opinion there was too much added into the book.

Some of the scenes I think could of been avoided, like the girl cutting off her face with a knife, but I’m not into that much gore. Some is fine if there is a great story line. 

I will still give the Evil Dead (2013) 4 stars for sticking with the story line. I do wonder if the first 3 movies were meant to be a little scarier and gorier (is that a word? Gorier?) than they actually were, but the first three movies were great. WHY MESS WITH A GOOD THING!!! In my opinion Hollywood needs some new ideas, some of these remakes SHOULD NOT be remade! Hollywood needs to read more books-there are a ton of great ones that would make great movies. I have read some great scary books by indie authors that would probably bring a pretty penny into the box offices if filmed right. Don’t get me wrong the new Evil Dead was good, not great, but I am seeing more remakes in the theaters that I wouldn’t go see. Why mess with some of the originals?

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Lynn Thompson’s home is in the Land of Enchantment, and, yes, the land is enchanting. The skies are blue, the stars are bright., and there are beautiful panoramic landscapes surrounding her hometown. Lynn wades through the craziness of life to follow her true passion, writing fiction. You can find her, or not, trekking through the mountains, searching for fairies and vortexes, keeping her eye out for anything paranormal, or sitting in the hot springs in her spare time. Lynn doesn’t have a specific genre she writes in. Characters have a way of leading her stories. She follows. Lynn is also a sponge when it comes to knowledge. She’s always on the move to continue her education in writing, marketing, social media, digital media, and hopes to find the extra time to add some criminal investigation classes to her repertoire. Lynn has three novels out: Blake, Sterling, and Tarnished Gold. Blake is the beginning of Montana’s story. Her need for seclusion, at least, for one winter. She does not get what she wants. There is someone or something in the mountains stalking her, people keep showing up on her doorstep, and she meets Max. Max knows what is hunting Montana, but won’t tell her. Montana’s lack of trust in Max drives her to fix her own problems. If she had known what she’d be confronting that night, she never would have sedated Max. Sterling is the second novel in the Montana Dayton series. Montana moves to Florida hoping to escape her old life, and regain her normal life back, but her past has come back to haunt her. Not only does she start losing time, she continues to wake up every morning wearing gorgeous jewels and is surrounded by precious gems. She never remembers where, or who she’s getting the glittery baubles from and is hell bent to get back her memories and return the jewels. Afraid she has been out robbing houses in the middle of the night, she is determined to figure out what is happening on her own. That is until the dreams and the strong pull to explore the gulf. When she finally realizes she needs help, she is powerless to get it. Tarnished Gold is Sam’s story and will be coming out around the new year. Sam first appeared in Sterling and demanded her own novel. Lynn has bowed to Sam’s wishes and is writing that story now. Lynn is also the proud owner of: Dark Fates. Eight short stories that are fun, but still on the dark side. Dark Fates-Madness. Four dark short stories. News Worthy. News Worthy stands alone with five short stories. Watching the news first thing in the morning may not be fun, but dissecting news clips and re-writing them into short stories that had a different ending was a blast! Dark Fates Collections is compiled of Dark Fates, Dark Fates-Madness, News Worthy, and features Karma Shay’s adventures. Visit Lynn at: Website: Twitter: @lynnthompson8 Facebook: Goodreads:

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