Off The Beaten Path-Ojo Caliente Resort and Spa

The last few weeks I have been working straight through. Woot, overtime! But with working so much and still writing and publishing my 2 new books came the dreaded sickness. I called it the forever respiratory virus from hell. I am not the only one who picked it up, my son did, my husband did, and half of the community did. This sickness lasts 3 weeks to a month/ or at least the cough does. Yuk! I was bound and determined to get better sooner, I still needed to work and probably have a little ADHD because I don’t like down days unless I decide to take them.

Having some extra cash and needing some wellness time for myself I decided to take a drive to Ojo Caliente Spa and Resort. Their springs have been there since the dawn of time and I have never visited until a few days ago. I have wanted to visit for years now. These are some reasons why:

All of the Springs and the Spa are a Whisper Zone so that guests can have a quiet peaceful experience at this unique retreat.


Located at the heart of the springs, the historic pump has been dispensing this unique water since the nineteenth century. Lithia is believed to relieve depression and aid digestion. Regretfully, the Lithia Pump is out-of-service. We have plans to build a Lithia Pool in the near future.
(Which is too bad- I was looking forward to sitting in this one and so was my husband)


A Native American legend tells that the giant rock in the iron pool guards the place where the ancient people of the mesa once received food and water during times of famine. The warm, iron-rich water bubbles up from the natural pebble floor, providing hot spots to discover in this mystical outdoor cliffside pool. Iron is considered to be beneficial to the blood and immune system.


The rock walls in the enclosed Soda “steam” pool create a soft echo providing a sense of calm and relaxation. Water from the Soda Spring is said to have been used to relieve digestive problems.


The arsenic water is believed to be beneficial for relief from arthritis, stomach ulcers and to heal a variety of skin conditions. Water from the iron and arsenic springs is blended in various pools throughout the property.

Pools are open from 8 am to 10 pm daily. 


The Mud Pool is open seasonally, May – October, weather permitting.

Here, our 13 and over guests get a chance to be a kid again. Where else can you slather mud all over your body and bake in the sun until done. As our special blend of clay dries, toxins are released from the pores of your skin and you come away feeling cleansed and refreshed. The mud pool is open seasonally from May through October, 8am – 8pm weather permitting.

(Really wanted to do this one but forgot we were still in April)

They also have a Steam Room and Sauna!

I arrived after 6pm (it’s cheaper to go in then, $15 a person:)) and I wish I had gotten some pictures because the landscape by some of these pools is gorgeous. I visited the Iron Spring, Arsenic Spring, Soda Spring, and Sauna. What a great night.

The Iron Spring was exactly what I needed. I made sure to dip my head, covering my ears in it for at least a good 15 minutes and wished I could have done the same for my sinuses. I could feel the iron waters clear up the congestion in my ears and lungs. I sat in each spring for a good half an hour or longer and it even rained on us, which is not normal for New Mexico in the spring.

The next day I did feel a little strange, probably from the detox, but since then I have felt like a brand new person. Ojo Caliente was worth the visit and next time I feel like I’m getting sick thats the first place I’m going to go (if I remember).

New Mexico has so many great places to visit:)

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