News Worthy Now on #Smashwords pick up a free copy…

News Worthy-Short Stories #Fiction

News Worthy .99 Now available on amazon and Smashwords

News Worthy includes five short stories:
The Snake in the Cereal
The Fire in the Mountains
The Man with the Bugs
Cannabis Cannibalism -vs- The West Nile Virus
 Bats, Cats and Wildlife
Excerpt: From the Man with the Bugs

Jerry paced his 6 by 8 foot cell while scratching madly at his receding hairline. Solitary confinement was the worse, but at least here he wasn’t catching the other prisoner’s bugs. At the same time, if they’d thrown him in a regular cell he’d have outdoor privileges. He’d be able to bake and fry the stupid invaders off him with the sun. The corrections officers swore they bleached his cell and cot before slamming the door behind him. He still saw the little monsters on everything; especially on the inside of his eyelids.

Damn his cell phone provider for giving away his information to the police, though they weren’t investigating him. It was their fault he got busted. The fucking police should have had to get a warrant to go through his “daily activities” and “texts” on his cell phone. All because his number was listed on that damned tower! A person can’t make a call now-a-days without their information getting tagged and kept for investigative purposes!

“Just in case,” they said. “We have to keep a record of every number that bounced off the tower.”

“Hah, what a load of crap! I’ll sue them after I get out of this mess. It’s against my civil rights!” He seethed under his breath.

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