On Editing

The last few weeks I have been busy editing my two short story books that will be coming out soon. News Worthy and Dark Fates. I didn’t realize editing these short stories were going to take as long as they have… and I’m not done yet! Of course, just the thought of editing makes me want to nap. And I often do. I love writing-editing not so much:( But I also cant wait until they are up. Writing these short stories has been lots of fun!

The pros and cons of editing:

I’ve had not had the best of luck with editors- I know they are only human- they make mistakes too. And I have heard about those mistakes. Thank Goodness via email, but it has effected my reviews also. Edit yourself? Find an editor? I can’t answer those questions. I honestly think a writer should be able to trust their editor to get it right! Me -once bitten, twice shy or is that twice bitten, three times shy? Which ever it is, right now I’m on my own…

Past Tense -vs- Present Tense Argh!!

Spelling– watch this– sometimes spell check will put in a different word or it doesn’t pick up your misspelling!

Grammar– Whew!!

Missing Words– I’m not sure if anyone else has this problem, but I read a lot and automatically skip words as I read… as, the, that, it, is, it’s, etc.. Apparently I also do when I’m writing and so do editors sometimes:) (I’ve read many Best Selling Novels that miss words, misspell and confuse sentences.)

Repetitiveness– Need I say more.

Sticky Sentences
The list goes on and on… And can be overwhelming…

I have found a free editing software here that does help http://prowritingaid.com/Free-Editing-Software.aspx

Happy Writing and Editing:)

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