Review: Nightwatching by John Zunski

Product Details4 out of 5 stars to Nightwatching

Travis and Sondra’s little boy dies suddenly causing a rift between them. Travis, done with Settles social lite and not wanting to continue to live in the same house his child died in convinces Sondra to move into the deep woods of Montana.

Sondra, bored to death starts reverting to old habits. The footprints on her ceiling don’t help either. She looks at them and has dreams of a viscous little boy about her sons age. Between her depression, her gambling, Travis not wanting anything to do with her, and her schizophrenic neighbor Constance constantly telling her to put a leash on her child she doesn’t know which way to turn.

Then she meets Trey and feels like she’s holding on tight to a wild roller coaster ride. But what about the boy in the woods? He only comes to visit on full moons. Can she escape her home when he arrives and pretend he doesn’t exist when he’s gone?

Nightwatching is a good read. I loved the ending and would like to see a sequel, a few more people should be put in their places!

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