Review: Piercing Through The Darkness by Emerald Barnes

Product DetailsI gave 4 out of 5 stars to Piercing Through The Darkness
YA Suspense, Thriller, Christain Fiction

Kandi doesn’t understand why her collage professor hates her. She can’t remember ever meeting him before joining his class. But then some memories are better off forgotten… or are they?

Jonathan Chandler can’t believe his eyes when Kandi strolls into his classroom. Why on earth would she take his class? Was it to make him feel even more miserable? To punish him more? She had already taken away what meant the most to him in the world. And to make matters worse she was happy. He wanted to kill her on the spot.

When Jimmy, Kandi’s best best friend and love of his life finds out that Kandi has Jonathan¬†Chandler as a teacher he becomes extremely worried about her. He remembers her dark past and comes to the conclusion that she needs to remember too before something bad happens to her.

This is a great book that emphasises on how the mind works; especially when the human psyche can’t handle a bad crisis and needs to let go for a while.

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