Review: Ending Evil by Vickie McKeehan

Product Details4 out of 5 stars to Ending Evil (The last book in the Evil series) Romantic, Suspense, Thriller

The last 2 Boyd brothers are out to get Baylee, Kit and Quinn. They’ve done their best to ruin Kit and Baylee’s life and now it’s time for them to focus on Quinn. With Conner gone Cade is now the brains of the operation with the help of his brother Collin. They just have to get to Quinn before the man that is hunting them finds them.

Quinn has had a rough life dealing with a no good rock star father who has never wanted to see her, a drugged out mother who could care less, and now Cade who wants to destroy her career before killing her. Her one saving grace is that Reese is willing to help keep her safe. She still has Baylee, Kit, Jake and Dylan on her side, but they have problems of their own. To add to Quinn’s problems Reese contacts her always absent father who finally flies in to see her leaving Quinn feeling like her life is spinning out of control…

Ending Evil is the last book in the Evil series. The outcome in the final pages is brilliant. Not everything falls together perfectly for the six friends. But that’s what makes the ending great!

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