Review: Deadly Deception by Alexa Grace

Deadly Deception (Deadly Trilogy, #2)I gave 4 out of 5 stars to Deadly Deception by Alexa Grace

A great book full of Romantic Suspense

I have to honestly say that I like Alexa’s first book better, but I thrive on “who done it” books. Not to say that this is a bad book because it is a great read and I’ll have to read her next one also…

Lane has been absent from Frankie’s life for six long months and still can’t get her out of his system so he comes up with a plan to include her in an op his is involved in.

Frankie doesn’t want to trust Lane after what he pulled on her six months ago, but can she say no to solving the recent murders of young women and helping take down a baby trafficking ring? Even if it means forming a partnership and pretending she’s married to Lane?

A few other problems come up with this partnership. Frankie is a P.I. and has a hard time conforming to police procedures. Frankie has a lot to contend with between staying in the police “guidelines”, running from tornado’s and keeping her hands off Lane. Then she finds out her niece is missing. Is her niece involved in with the adoption agency that’s trafficking babies? And if so will she be able to save her before she ends up dead like the other girls?

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