Review: Barely Alive by Bonnie R. Paulson

Barely Alive (Barely Alive Series)I gave 5 stars to Barely Alive. It’s a must read for Zombie enthusiasts, young adult and adults. YA, Teen almost zombies, action, suspense and more…

My son read this book and absolutely loved it! I’ve been dying to read it LOL) and have finally gotten the chance.

Paul is a disgruntled teen who runs away from home trying to find a better life. Unfortunately he finds Dominic. Dominic promises him the world for a price. A injection of a virus. While paying the price back to Dominic he finds Heather. Heather intrigues him so much he refuses to give her to up.

When Paul realizes the mistakes he’s made and the power he wields he goes on the run with Heather in search for a cure for the virus. But to find the cure he must find Dr. Duncan and figure out how to save his brother too….

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