Review: Bound in Vengeance by Erik Robert Nelson

Bound in VengeanceI gave 5 out of 5 stars to Bound in Vengeance. Magic, suspense and fun!

I can’t even remember when I picked this book up, but I’m glad I chose to read it. It’s great and fast paced. I had a really hard time putting it down. I couldn’t find an appropriate spot in the book to bookmark it:)

Nat starts to have visions of the future and doesn’t realize it at first, until the events actually come into play. Finally understanding what he is seeing and watching it come true he tries to figure out how to prevent the future from unfolding in a negative way.

Aine is a witch, immortal in her own right. She is on the run from a demon, of what status no one has any idea.

Nat tries to run the demon over with his truck in an alley one night and ends up getting involved with the problem of figuring out how to kill the demon that is stalking Aine. In the process he meets Aine’s long time immortal friend Corvus, finds out about The Elders and their Children, who brought magic into this world and has to keep his sister Naomi and his best friend Ben safe, even if he has to lie to them to keep them from worrying and out of harms way.

Bound in Vengeance keeps your blood pumping until the end with it’s twists and, of course, the puzzle of how to kill the demon.

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