Review – Deeper Evil by Vickie McKeehan

Deeper Evil-The second book in the Evil Trilogy

Deeper Evil is packed full of Mystery, Romance, and Suspense.

Death and vengeance reign when it’s time for payback on the dynasty that is torturing Kit, Baylee and Quinn.

In Deeper Evil the story continues, but focuses on Baylee Scott, one of Kit’s best friends.

Baylee is the focus of one evil mans attention. This man would like her dead and would love to take her daughter away. Fortunately Jake’s friend Dylan steps into the picture and offers Baylee a retreat of sorts. A hideout. When Baylee says yes, she doesn’t realize that she may end up falling for the guy.

First things first though, Baylee mustĀ  protect her daughter at all costs. If that means fleeing the country, she’ll do it. The main reason she stays close to home is because her father is not in good health. Then there is the mystery of what really happened to Baylee’s mom 22 years ago and what her recurring dream from when she was a kid means. The plot thickens!

I can’t wait to read the third and final book Ending Evil.

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