Girls Night

Every once in a while the girls need a night to ourselves. I kicked the boys out for the evening. I probably shouldn’t have because I have been so busy–I should have been working on my books instead. But the stress of the remodel on my bathroom and trying to get my house ready to sell has really been getting to me:)

Friday night I invited some girlfriends over for Mon Cherie Port, (Don Quixotes Winery and Distillery makes an awesome Mon Cherie Port (Cherry juice and Cherry Brandy), Triple Chocolate Indulgence cake, and Movies (Practical Magic, Gentleman Prefer Blondes and Chicago.) In that order!

One of my girlfriends brought some Pomegranate wine. Yummy. We had shot glasses of Mon Cherie port and wine glasses full of Pomegranate wine. It was awesome! Chic flicks, a bite of cake, a sip of port, a bite of cake, a sip of wine. You get the idea:) The wines were perfect for the cake and I did indulge with 2 huge pieces of cake. We watched movies and laughed and had a ton of fun!

My husband called at midnight wondering if was safe to come home. I told him sure, but the girls were still here. He went straight to bed. My son hung out with us for a while. The girls finally left at 1:00 in the morning. What fun!! I recommend this to all girls. Especially when a much needed break is it order.

Too bad the break was short lived. Work Sat. morning and more remodeling. I will be taking another break this coming weekend:) I promised my son I would take him camping before the summer is over. The leaves are starting to turn their autumn colors and it’s getting cooler at night, so it’s now or next year. That will give my contractor time to finish up without me looking over his shoulder. LOL
Then it’s back to the grindstone so to speak.

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