Sterling-A Montana Dayton Novel… Free ebooks for review

In the deep waters off the Florida Gulf Coastthe sands shifted with the winds and tides of time, scattering all that has floated down to rest on the bottom of the ocean.
Once will be again the waters sighed.
When Montana wakes up every morning wearing gorgeous jewels, and surrounded by priceless gems she doesn’t know where to turn. She doesn’t remember where, or who she’s getting the glittery baubles from.
To make matters worse, Max has found her and insists they continue their relationship where they left off.
Montana has bigger concerns than dating Max, besides she’s not sure whether or not she can trust him.
Where are the jewels coming from? And who is this guy threatening her family?


@page {margin: 0.79in; } P { MARGIN-BOTTOM: 0.08in } “You know I saw her.” Sam said cramming her mouth full of cookies.

Saw who? And don’t talk with your mouth full.”
She guzzled her coke until her mouth was empty then cleared her throat.
Some red head, looked like a ghost.” She shook her head and laughed. “You’re probably going to kick me out of your house after I tell you this, but I think it’s important.”
Jamie waited patiently while she organized her thoughts.
I was hiding behind the bushes beside your house. Like I said before, I was drawn to this place.” She cleared her throat again.
Anyway there I was trying to figure out how to get your attention, and where I could clean up before I did, when this red headed girl started walking towards the wall.” She stopped and pointed to where the hidden room was.
She was white as a sheet. My first thought was wow there are ghosts here. I almost laughed out loud giving myself away. I thought no she’s probably sick, or a druggy, or something, and then just like that she walked through the wall. I was in shock, but wanted to see if she would come back out, so I waited. A couple of minutes later she was back out of the wall with a huge necklace in her hand. I didn’t get a good look at the necklace. Anyway I thought you should know.”
Jamie sat in silence, looking a little pale herself, staring at Sam.
Okay, I probably shouldn’t have told you.” She sighed. “But could you at least send me to an insane asylum where I have a roof over my head and three meals?”

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Lynn Thompson

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  1. Oooh! I love her name, Montana!! Great post.

    I'd also like to share…

    My blog was recently nominated for an award. With the nomination came the opportunity to nominate a few blogs I think would deserve the Versatile Blogger Award. I immediately thought of you. For more information on accepting the award, please visit:

    Thank you! Have a wonderful day.

    Rionna Morgan

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