Community News, by Ashley Barron

Community News, by Ashley Barron

Second installment!

‘Community News’ is a new weekly feature designed to collect links for new book releases, new blog posts, new guest posts, new interviews, new price specials, new marketing opportunities, and more all in one location.

For the self-published and indie-published authors on Twitter, a huge part of our time is spent building relationships and finding new ways to connect with readers. ‘Community News’ is designed to be a weekly announcements page, an opportunity to learn about and share what’s going on in our world of books and blogs.

An extra special thank you to all of the writers, bloggers, and authors in our Twitter community who took the time to share what’s new in their worlds this week.

The format of ‘Community News’ will evolve as we move forward, and will include more bells and whistles. For now, the style is clear and basic, with emphasis on getting the information into the hands of readers and colleagues.

Please retweet and share links you find to be of particular interest. If you’d like to copy ‘Community News’ and add it as a post to your own blog, please do so!

OK, community newsreaders, here we go… Enjoy!


I’ve got a new section on my book Web site’s blog called The Backstory. I’m currently looking for independent authors and musicians to submit a guest post and share their own backstories. Check out for the guidelines and details, and please pass this along to your author and musician friends. You can also reach me @BadManSadMan on Twitter if you have further questions.

I recently launched a humor blog illustrated with chalkboards that seeks to find out where, exactly, the time goes in any given scenario…with a good chance I’ll poke fun at it. Or me. Or my husband, kids, and dog. Or the indecisive idiots in front of me on a line for ice cream. But most often, me. I bridge the gap between the Actual Time something takes and the Real Feel, one rationalization at a time. Please check it out at I’m also on Facebook and Twitter @ChristieStorms.

I have launched a new blog this month called For the past year and a half I have been putting together a collection of essays about my mother’s life, and about the connection between us as mother and daughter. The working title is A Girl From The Hill: My Mother’s Journey from Italian Girl to American Woman.

The blog has excerpts from the draft book, but it’s about a whole lot more. I am interested in stories about being Italian American, being a daughter, a mother a woman in today’s world. I would welcome a guest blogger who is interested in doing a post about writing, Italian American food, culture, or using social media to relay family stories. My fb page is and I can be reached on Twitter @PattyTMitch

I’ve been experimenting with Pinterest as a marketing tool for authors. Though I’ve come to some conclusions about it, I’m still wondering about its effectiveness in helping authors to sell more books. Could it be that it’s just one of those things we do for fun? My blog: or @GrimBlazer.

‘If You Have a Thick Skin, You Might Want to Be a Writer’ – a post about what it takes to go the distance. Author Mark Beyer is @bibliogrind on Twitter. His blog is

Partially in response to my recent move to Kansas and the appalling driving techniques I’ve witnessed here and to commemorate the end of my year of exclusive writing, I’ve written a new blog entry, “Miles To Go,” available at
Thanks, @writevictoria

The third and final book in the Princelings of the East trilogy has been published on Amazon. THE PRINCELINGS AND THE LOST CITY sees Princeling Fred and his true love Kira set off on a simple trip to visit his home castle. Diverted by a landslide, they find themselves approaching a castle hidden in the woods. Kira changes her mind about exploring once they are inside and makes Fred’s life miserable from then on. Just what is the secret of the Lost City? Can a totalitarian regime ever change? Will Fred ever find happiness? And just how many times can Kira be kidnapped in one book?

Amazon link: Website: Blog Facebook Twitter @jemima_pett

‘Presage’ (subtitled ‘The Reality of The Virtual’) is a dystopian /Sci-fi novel with social political twist about a world in 2018 .It is mostly about the personal struggle of the main characters in a changing environment -where nothing is what it seems and mis-information is the rule- the transformation they go through, and battles they have to fight to pursue their dreams. Synopsis : They say the past is no longer an indication of the future, but can alternative visions of the future give us any indication of what we should do today? Read this and then decide…

The year is 2018. Nothing is what it seems and mis-information is the rule. Hugh van Santen is the editor in chief of a major newspaper who mediates the riots surrounding a controversial new class system enforced to gear up the grass roots to do community work to replace welfare that the government can no longer afford. Meanwhile he relies on scoops to keep his newspaper afloat. He recruits Sophie Chantal, a cub journalist knowing her brother-in-law is a computer scientist, who can create accurate simulations of humans down to their thoughts. Sophie’s first assignment is to write a feature on the bicentennial birthday of an infamous bigwig and she asks Sam to simulate one historical persona after another whose idiosyncrasies and radical theories cause more mayhem. Meanwhile the CIA is after Sam’s simulation technology and to distract them, he designs a game called ‘Presage’ in which gamers and intelligence agents begin their race to find Sam’s secret in the reality of the virtual. Presage is about the personal struggle and battles the main characters have to fight in order to pursue their dreams.

Available at Amazon Kindle page

“10 steps to mastering your book marketing plan” – a post with helpful tips and ideas for authors ready to sell books. Many more helpful articles on the site. Laura Pepper Wu is a writer and the co-founder of 30 Day Books: a book studio.


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