Don Quixotes Winery & Distillery-Final Part

As I’ve posted a few times, this is one of my favorite places to go for a much needed break. They make and distill all of their liqueur from local farms in New Mexico, including the grapes. They don’t add any additives, colors, or extra flavors to their liqueur. Amazing to me, considering most companies do add extras to their alcohol.

They host a wine and spirit appreciation class at their Pojoaque location a few friends and I decided to go to. In 3 hours we were served 12 wines, 6 ports, 10 spirits and several speciality liqueurs, with food of course.

Since then I have decided to sample them all again at a slower pace. They serve 5 samples for $5.

In this final part I will be review the Red & White Wines plus their Grappa.

Red Wines

City Different Cabernet
(mild, medium bodied with layers of toasted oak and earthy notes balanced by rich dark berry flavors) Very Yummy. Not dry, light with a bold flavor:0

Manhattan Project Merlot  (Medium bodied with mild oak and fresh fruit forward flavors of cherries and dark berries. ) A tad to dry and oaky for my tastes.

Manhattan Project Red (Oaky and very fruity full bodied wine with peppery and dark berry qualities) Not bad:) A little sweet, a little dry, a touch of oaky taste. The peppery and dark berries combined give the red a nice balance.

Red River Red (A blend of 3 wines- Merlot, Cab, and Syrah. Fruity, soft, and slightly sweet, but dry enough to be served as a table wine.) Hmm, not sweet enough for me, a tad too try for my tastes also.

White Wines

Red River White  (Blend of Ugny Blanc/Sauvingnon Blanc- Aromatic, fruity, gentle, light, and crisp with a balanced acidity.) Not bad:0 Light, crisp, slightly dry and slightly sweet.

Manhattan Project White  (Blend of French Colombard/Sauvignon Blanc- full bodied, smooth and semi dry with mild oak tastes and a round slightly finish.) Too oaky and dry for my tastes:(

City Different Malvasia Bianca (light-bodied, delicate floral bouquet with hints of honeycomb. Dry wine that unfolds on your tongue to reveal apples, herbs, and roses.) Still too dry for my tastes, but I could definitely taste the floral bouquet and honeycomb:)

I have come to the conclusion that I am not a white wine drinker!


Te Amo Red Sangria (A bold and refreshing blend of Merlot, lime, lemon, orange and fruit brandy extract.) Very good, sweet, light and refreshing, but not to sweet:)

Te Quiero White Sangria  (A blend of Malvasia Bianca wine, apple, cherry, apricots, peaches and fruit brandy extract.) Very good, sweet, fruity and refreshing 🙂 Goes great with shrimp!


Grappa  (A traditional unaged grappa that is fragrant, smooth and slightly sweet) Wow, the grappa is smooth and slightly sweet, but packs a potent punch.

Malvasia Bianca Grappa (fragrant, smooth and slightly sweet. Made from the pomace of the Malvasia Bianca grape, aged in french oak just long enough to mellow the taste without losing the flavor.) This is more mellow than the original grappa. It doesn’t have quite the potent punch too it. I prefer the malvasia grappa better:)

 This has been fun. I’m sure I’m going to visit more winery’s, though I won’t do a huge post like this on the other ones:)

If any of you are ever down in New Mexico and like to visit winery’s this one is a must!

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