Why I read books by Indie Authors. Is it because of the price difference? No, not really. In my opinion if I want something I will buy it no matter what the cost is. I am one of those people that if I see something and I want it I will get it for myself.
There are thousands upon thousands of indie authors trying to promote their book. For reasons I do not understand traditional publishing houses will not even look at the book. I think people have someone on the inside to get published from one of the “Big 6”.
I read indie because the authors are amazing. Indie authors are like your best friend. They enjoy talking with their readers, interacting; laughing at themselves and above all they put their heart and soul into the book.
The magic of books
Indie authors may not make the money that a traditional author does but they have more spirit. They are willing to go above and beyond to help fellow authors, bloggers and first-time writers. I see this daily.
Indie authors help each other out, by reading and reviewing books, editing, helping with cover design, formatting issues anything you can think. If it has happened before then another indie author has been there done that and knows how to fix the problem.
Indie authors think and write outside the box. Indie authors’ writing is not like anything you have ever read before. They create not just their dream world but everyone’s dream world.
I did not start blogging because of indie authors. I started because I was looking for a way to help keep track of all the books I read. Granted I can read a book a day if I am not working. I am not going to lie and say that I have stopped reading books by traditional authors. I do have a few favorites that I will read not matter what. No, I will not name them. They get enough publicity and do not need little ole’ me promoting them.
I have the first indie book I read. I display it proudly on my shelf. I remember laughing one minute and crying the next while reading the book. This is the heart and soul I was talking about earlier. I have not found a traditional author that could make me laugh one minute and cry the next in their book.
So, why do I read indie authors? It is because they put their heart and soul into a book. They create a perfect setting and allow us readers to place our minds inside the book. To help us escape. To give us a place to go where there is no stress, nothing but me and the book. Well the characters also, but that is a different story.
Traditional published authors have gotten into a rut. It seems like the same plot over and over. The only thing different is the characters names, whereas indie authors are like a breath of fresh air. They are not in a rut; they are not trying to push out the next book to meet a deadline. They are not trying to please anyone but their readers.
For me and my reading it will be indie authors. They are the heart and soul of the reading world.
Thanks to all the indie authors out there that write and publish books for people like me to read. Without you reading would be boring.