Don Quixotes Winery & Distillery Part II

As I’ve posted a few times, this is one of my favorite places to go for a much needed break. They make and distil all of their liqueur from local farms in New Mexico, including the grapes. They don’t add any additives, colors, or extra flavors to their liqueur. Amazing to me, considering most companies do add extras to their alcohol.

They host a wine and spirit appreciation class at their Pojoaque location a few friends and I decided to go to. In 3 hours we were served 12 wines, 6 ports, 10 spirits and several speciality liqueurs, with food of course.

Since then I have decided to sample them all again at a slower pace. They serve 5 samples for $5.


Rio Rojo (sweet voluptuous port with deep, dark, berry flavors) My favorite so far:0

Angelica (made from muscat juice & muscat brandy- sweet, rich & delicate) This is the sweetest port they have. if you like rich and sweet this is for you.

Mon Cherie (Perfectly balanced of sweet and tart with smoky overtones) Not bad:) Made from cherry juice and cherry brandy-does not have any grapes in it.

Rio Blanco (Mellow oak and a slightly tropical fruit flavor) Not sweet enough for my palate:(

Dulcinia (Light bodied, sweet, delicate and fruity) Not bad, it has a light mellow taste.

Cherry Sherry (smooth with a dry yet sweet palate and rich flavor of dried cherries with toasted caramel notes.) Yummy:) It’s light on your tongue too.
Pisqo Sour
Don Quixotes has been debating on having a few specials during the week. A friend and I got to try their Pisqo Sour, talking about dangerous! Home-made simple syrup with lime, Pisqo, bitters, egg whites… Such a yummy drink. I couldn’t taste the brandy and she did add a good amount. I had to hold myself back from drinking it within 5 minutes.

Don Quixotes is the only distillery that makes Blue Corn Burbon and Vodka:)

Blue Corn Vodka (mild sipping vodka, silky smooth and slightly sweet) You can definitely taste the blue corn. This vodka has a nice flavor to it:)

Blue Corn Burbon (rich, mellow, smooth, and flavorful with aromas of vanilla.) Wow! I am not a burbon drinker, but this stuff is good, rich, mellow, smooth, and it really does have vanilla overtones to it.

Spirit of Santa Fe Vodka (smooth, American style wheat Vodka.) This vodka had a fiery bite to it. I didn’t find it to be as smooth as the Blue Corn vodka. I think it’s more of a mixed drink vodka.

Spirit of Santa Fe Gin (Bombay Style, smooth and flavorful with complex aromatics. Sipping Gin.) If I was a gin drinker I would buy this! It is so flavorful and smells like a juniper bush. Definitely a smooth sipping gin!

The wines are next on my list. If any of you are ever down in New Mexico and like to visit winery’s this one is a must!

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