Guest Post —Laxmi Hariharan

Who wants to be a futurist?

Laxmi Hariharan
Iamtoofaraheadofmytimemyfatheroftencomplainedtomeinmygrowingyears.Inowknowthathetookthisasthemainreasontobehindbeingmisunderstood.Heperceivedhisideastobetooradicaltobeappreciatedandoftenfeltmiscast,asifhehadbeenbornfiftyyearstooearly.CuttotwentyyearslaterandhereIam,claimingwithastraightface,thatIamafuturist.ItsoundssooverthetopwhenIsaythatright?Futuristconjuresupimagesofsomeonewhoisjusttoocoolfortherealworld.ButovertheyearsasIreadwhatothers(whocallthemselvestrend-spotters,future-proofersorfuturists)sayaboutthemselves,IfoundtherewerecertaintraitsIrecognized,promptingmetoputmyselfintothisquirkygroup. HereIhavecompiledmyresearchintoaquiz.Howmanyofthesequestionsstrikeachord?
  1. Have you travelled and lived in at-least four different countries by the time you were thirty?
  2. Do you prefer Percy Jackson over Harry Potter? But in general would read YA over any other kind of fiction book?
  3. Did you never get over your fascination with the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland? Perhaps you also fell in love at first sight and married your childhood or teen sweetheart?
  4. Is fantasy and science-fiction your favourite movie genre and do you believe that The Fifth Element is one of the most entertaining movies ever made?
  5. Are you obsessed with vitamins, anti-ageing packs, anti-oxidants, flower essences, ginseng & assorted herbs from all parts of the world which help regenerate brain cells, physical cells, keeps your eyesight sharp etc. You get what I mean?
  6. Were you one of the first in your peer group, to get an email address, and to get onto twitter and Facebook, and the rest? And now you are like so all over social networking platforms then living in the real world is a struggle? It is quite normal for you to have bizarre tweet conversations with others about the relative merits of Loki vs. Thor? And when you sit around a meeting room table with grown-ups they still cant understand the appeal of twitter over FBduh!
  7. Are you fascinated by technology & Einstein and you just dont know why? Its just that they are really cool?
  8. Are you very instinctive, and believe in the unsaid, the unheard, the unseenWe are not alone.
  9. Friends accuse you of beingspaced out; being ahead of your time and you often struggled to fit in as a teenager. In fact it is the same now; except you have learnt to embrace social niceties.
  10. Have you always dreamt of being an entrepreneur and even now find it difficult to follow rules. Do you feel sometimes that you are stuck in your rebellious teenaged phase? Actually children do make more sense than grown-ups any day.

5 Replies to “Guest Post —Laxmi Hariharan”

  1. I.I've travelled more in my imagination and some days locked myself away in my own fantasy. Does that count as travel?

    II.My fascination with The White Rabbit comes more for my interest in Jefferson Airplane!

    III.Although categorised normally as 'horror', I still believe that Zombies can come under the sci-fi category.

    IV.I never watched Percy Jackson, but I'm sure a bolt of lighting from him would give HP's scar on his forehead a run for his money!

    V. What is this 'ginseng' you speak of?

    VI. Was never the first one to advocate the merits of social media, but do create dialogue face-offs between Jonah J Jameson vs Perry White!

    VII. E = mc² is pig-latin to me, but is kosher enough to me!

    VIII. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: WE ARE NOT ALONE (Unless you live in London or New York, then you are fresh out of luck)!!!

    IX. I'm spaced out right now!

    X. I'll get back to you!

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