Help support our troops by donating to the HHB 3-13 Unit from Oklahoma currently deployed to Afghanistan.
All proceeds will be used to send the Soldiers the items on their wish lists.
Current items on wish lists:
Baby wipes     water flavor packets
Webcams         headphones
Books              magazines
Gum                hard candy
Sheets/linens   protein bars
Beef jerky        slim jims
Coffee             snacks
Socks  t-shirts  underwear
Toiletries         click pencils, paper
Phone cards   DVDs
Monetary proceeds will be sent to 3-13 to help fund the purchase of items currently on the wish lists.
The families and Soldiers of HHB 3-13 thank you for your support!
Paypal donations may be sent to the fundraising coordinator at
If you cannot donate at this time, please support the cause by sharing this information with your friends and social networks. Thank you!
Note to my readers from Sarah Ballance:
I am happy to support this cause and share the information for this fundraising drive. As a disclaimer, I will not in any way handle or receive goods or proceeds related to the care packages. Your funds, should you choose to donate, will go directly to the coordinating team for this project. Thank you!