Don Quixotes Winery & Distillery

As I’ve posted a few times, this is one of my favorite places to go for a much needed break. They make and distil all of their liqueur from local farms in New Mexico, including the grapes. They don’t add any additives, colors, or extra flavors to their liqueur. Amazing to me, considering most companies do add extras to their alcohol.

They host a wine and spirit appreciation class at their Pojoaque location a few friends and I decided to go to. In 3 hours we were served 12 wines, 6 ports, 10 spirits and several speciality liqueurs, with food of course.

Since then I have decided to sample them all again at a slower pace. They serve 5 samples for $5.

So far I have tried all of the
Dessert Wines–
Desire (Dark Cherry with a hint of almonds)
Temptation (Iced apple wine) Yummy:)
Passion (Plum Wine)
Seduction (European herbal wine from Rose Pedals) One of my favorites!

I just made it through the Brandies–
Spirit of Santa Fe Brandy (grape, cherry, and apple brandy)
Don Quixote Pisqo Brandy (Chilean style brandy made with muscat wine) Yum:0
Don Quixote Qalvados (apple brandy) very tasty:)
Mon Cherie (unaged spirit made from dark cherry wine) Not bad:)

I am working on the Port list right now. If any of you are ever down in New Mexico and like to visit winery’s this one is a must!

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