I am a slacker…

I am a slacker. And I’m still wondering where my weeks have been disappearing to. I haven’t gotten any writing done in the last 3 weeks. I promised myself I would write this week and now it’s Sunday. I still haven’t:(

I went back up to the mountains last Sat. with a friend (the last free weekend I had for the rest of the summer) to conquer the old mining road where my truck got stuck on Memorial Day Weekend, and didn’t make it. We got sidetracked by a beautiful meadow and hiked down to it and through it instead. Lady moon chose that afternoon to follow us.

We had a great time, were eaten by a ton of mosquitoes and had the privilege of watching a deer visit our campsite. He made himself comfortable behind one of our tents for close to an hour.

Unfortunately, I had to come home to the craziness called my life. The remodel to my bathroom is close to finally done. A couple small problems popped up. I’ve started my new job. And my teen is finally home from his vacation:) Of course, I had to take two afternoons out of my schedule to get some Mom time in. We watched movies and hung out with eachother, which was awesome considering I haven’t seen him for the last two days. Sometimes I think he’s too popular!

Next week WRITING! Please:)

One Reply to “I am a slacker…”

  1. I get frustrated when my life gets in the way of writing…but…when it doesn't…then…with all the time in the world…I don't have anything to write about…

    Enjoyed your post!

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