Memorial Day Weekend

I know this post is late, considering it’s already Sat., but I just had to show the picture of my poor little truck stuck on an old logging road:)
We were trying to avoid driving up a bad part of the dirt road by driving through a thorn bush meadow and didn’t realize the ravine back to the road was so deep. As you can see my bumper is sitting on the road, my left front tire and right back tire weren’t getting any traction, and the truck was bottomed out on some thorn bushes. It took us 2 hours to hike back to camp, leaving a determined friend of ours behind to get the truck out. He arrived back at camp at 10 p.m. with barely a little scratch on the truck:) I love my truck! And him, of course:) (We were planning on having another friend of ours pull us out with his Jeep the next day.)

All in all the view and the hikes were amazing. Well worth the trip, which we’re trying again today! 

Needless to say I was planning on posting this earlier in the week, but with the remodelling of my bathroom and the training of my new job, I’ve barely had a chance to get on the computer. I am so hoping everything will calm down next week so I can catch up.

Lynn Thompson

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