Poetry, by Wendy Stevens

I had to repost this poem:)

Poetry, by Wendy Stevens 


Darkness on restless wings,

flight of the hawk,

the night wind sings.

Unholy silence beckons

stealth moving shadows

it’s the nighttime that reckons….

Immovable moon,

the shadows talk-

all encompassing.

They whisper sweet nothings

a movement to the left

time scatters like rain.

Move towards the blackness

feel the heavy weight of the silence

marked with its territorial gleam.

Walk with the demon

feel his fiery breath

love the touch of his heat.

A sickness born of naiveté

easily duped, easily fooled

can you feel the silence?

Pinned beneath its stare

the demon entices

soothes with gentle words.

Parched, he gives you water

starved, he gives you nourishment

lonely, he gives you companionship.

Only in the end

when he consumes you in fiery pain

do you see the demon underneath your beloved’s face.

For more poems of Wendy Stevens poems, you can find her here http://slityourwristsmagazine.com/2012/05/29/poetry-by-wendy-stevens/


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