Time management Tips: Reblogged

Time Management Tips: Authors and Writers Can Fit it All In; Writing, Marketing, Family, Whatever!

by Lynnette Phillips
Over and over again I hear authors muttering, or just plain grousing, about book marketing. How can they write, which is what they love and want to make their living doing, market their book and still be part of a family all at the same time?

Time management guidelines could be the solution. I’m not going to pretend time management is easy; it takes planning, discipline, commitment and practice but in the end you’ll wonder what the big deal was.

Set goals for what you want to accomplish through time management; each individual has a certain result they want to reach.

Ask yourself:

1) What phase of my day or task do I want to plan more time?

2) What do you think causes you to run out of time; personal reasons such as procrastination or external pressures?

3) Are you at your most productive in the morning or can you get more writing done after everyone goes to bed?

Thank You Lynnette:)

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