One Step at a Time: Part 2

Facebook, Twitter, Blog.

Let me state first, that I did set up my website and my brand before I delved into the others. My website was so much easier to work with.

As I mentioned in Part One of this series, I now have to learn how to promote my books- and I’m still learning.

I was already somewhat familiar with Facebook, so I started with my profile page Later I found out I really needed to create a fan page The fan page proved to be a little trickier for me:)

Feeling proud of myself for creating my Facebook page I hopped onto Twitter At first Twitter was a tad scary because I didn’t want to just advertise my book. I wanted to have something to say. I needed a manual on “How to talk on Twitter”! I followed everyone I could to try and figure it out, which was probably not the best thing to do. I have been doing better on Twitter the last couple of months, but I still run out  of things to say.
I’m rocking now! Time to set up my blog. Intimidating! My blog page is up, but didn’t look as good or clean as it should have. Hindsight! I didn’t know exactly what I should have been aiming for, I was having fun. Time to clean up my blog and make it look better

Now I have the same problem as I did on Twitter. What to say? I was at a loss, so I posted some links to other blogs where I was reading some good articles. At least I knew that if someone happened over to my blog they would see I was reading other blogs and be able to jump from that link to the original post. I also put up my reviews of other authors books. I still wasn’t generating any followers or even getting other people to look at my blog, and I wasn’t very consistent staying on top of my blog. Hmm. I did more research. What? I needed to write posts to keep people coming to my blog. The only interesting things I have to say are from the characters in my books.

My imagination started working overtime, so I went back to writing my second book. I find it so much easier to write than to tweet or blog!

I continued to watch tweeps and read every interesting blog post I could find. Of course I didn’t follow anyone, because I didn’t know much about the dynamics of blogs. I really should have followed some of those blogs, they were great. I really could have used a mentor!:)

Thanks to Novel Publicity Author Karma and World Literary Cafe I am now not as lost as I once was. But it has taken months of research and reading to figure out what I was doing.

I have recently found some really good posts about Twitter, Blogs and Facebook.

A Big Thanks to:

Ashley Barron! Your post have great, needed information:)–the-hashtag.aspx 

And Edward Carpenter for bringing me even more insight:)

Lynn Thomson

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