Bad Medicine by J.D. Faver Review

4 of 5 stars to Bad Medicine by J.D. Faver

Good Read!Suspenseful, thrilling, and romantic!

When Chloe comes back to her hometown for her murdered dads funeral she runs into her ex, now Sheriff Rafael. Rafael is still holding a torch for her. He is surprised to find out she has a child, but no husband. Rafael wants her back. Chloe’s plan is to bury her father and leave town, until she finds out that her father left her his shrimping boat. She makes the decision to stay and try shrimping for a living, besides that would give her the opportunity to look into her dads murder.

Along comes Manuel, an old classmate of hers. He has different plans for her and offers her the opportunity of a lifetime. He is also the Curandero’s son, who has plans for her himself.

Chloe’s heart tells her that Manuel is her fathers murderer, but there is no evidence pointing to him. Chloe feels she needs to find the evidence, but sets herself up for more trouble than she bargained for…

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