Ghost Island by Bonnie Hearn Hill Review

5 of 5 stars to Ghost Island by Bonnie Hearn Hill

Recommended for YA and Adults.

The goal was to set sail to Avalon Harbor on Catalina Island, stay there for two nights, then take a cruise boat to Mexico. The sky grew dark, rain hit, and a storm warning was issued, leaving Livia and her friends stranded on the island and the others kids stranded on the yacht.

Ghosts from the past invade Livia’s friends dreams, Aaron invades hers, promising them all of the things they want most in life.

Is Aaron a ghost or is he real? It’s up to Livia to figure out what is going on. Their chaperone doesn’t believe her when she explains to her what’s happening, which leaves only the support of Livia’s friends. Will they be able to resist the temptations of the ghosts?

Ghost Island is a great read! I felt like I was trying to solve a puzzle on who was real, who was a ghost, who could be trusted, and who might just be possessed! I am the type of reader that enjoys trying to figure out the ending of a book before I get there, so this book was lots of fun for me. I’m also very curious if Livia will ever find out who Aaron really is.

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