Asylum Lake by R.A. Evans Review

4 of 5 stars to Asylum Lake by R.A. Evans

Asylum Lake reads back and forth between the past and present, all linking to the asylum for the mental ill and the weird experiments that were going on there.

Brady is having a rough time with life, so he decides to drive to his “Up North” house with his dog Gruff. There he runs into an old ex-girlfriend, who has a little girl. They begin to date and Brady starts to believe he can heal from the past.

This is where the story gets complex. He finds out his house is haunted. His dead parents bedroom is filled with old newspaper clipping of murders from the past, his grandfather’s death was a lie, and the little girl gets possessed by a spirit bent on revenge.  

Too bad not many people can or will explain why these events are happening to him.

R.A. Evens does a great job describing the characters and their personalities in this book; especially Gruff. Asylum Lake has a consistent creepiness that builds up to the ending. 

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