Off the Beaten Path – Soothing the Spirit

My lone flower.
This was the only flower blooming where we were.

A few days ago a friend of mine sent me a text. She was getting off work early and wanted to go for a glass of port. Well of course I had to say yes, my Internet was fighting me that day by randomly quitting on me anyway.  I wasn’t getting anywhere with my third book, and this amazing port cured me of the 3 week sore throat I suffered through at the beginning of the year.

We sat at Don Quixote’s Distillery & Winery, this cute little place in the middle of nowhere, with a few of our friends and enjoyed the peace and quiet.

After we left we all picked up our dogs, 5 in total, and hiked through two canyons and over one mesa. The hike ended up taking us a little over two hours. By the time I arrived home I wasn’t ready to get back to work, it was late, but all of my frustrations from the day were wiped clean and I awoke refreshed the next day to start over.

Soothing the Spirit: I plan to do this at least once a week.

Don Quixote’s makes and ages their own Spirits, Wines, and Ports. Rio Rojo is the best port I have ever tasted!

Lynn Thompson

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