Thank You George for including me in your blog tour!

For more information on George H. Elder On Sci-Fi just visit the links below. If anyone has questions or observations, he would be pleased to entertain them.

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I just finished the post editing review of Book 3 (Pursuing a Legend) in the series, and we hope to have this up and running in a week or less. Book 4 (Deep Thought) has been fully edited by Kira M., and is awaiting a final read-through. It is much different from the other books and is stand-alone. Deep Thought was lots of fun to write because there were some very emotional themes at times—especially at the end! Once again, thanks for the help and insights!

Dr. George H. Elder / Ph.D.
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Phone: (802) 698-7759

Thank You George for including me in your blog tour!

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