I used Scrivener to help me with my print copy also. I saved my book for amazon as a print copy, because it already has the page breaks inserted. One less thing to do in preparing the print book. I deleted the TOC and placed my author bio and contact info at the end of the book, then went into compile and set the Contents I wanted to compile -as is. There is also the option to uncheck the TOC and whatever you don’t want in your print copy.
For the text separator I used empty line
Folder– empty line
Folder & Text– single return
Text & Folder– page break
If your setting up your book for standard size print 8″x10″ you can save it under Format as non-fiction manuscript.
Make sure you go to Formatting and format your title/text.
And last, Page settings for your header/ footer/ page numbers, you can check not on page one if you don’t want a page number on the first page. I suggest looking up the guideline on page settings for a 8″x10″ book… top, bottom, left, right.

Here’s a handy community for answers I haven’t covered G+ Scrivener Community https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/109597039874015233580?cfem=1

I wanted to set up a 5″x8″ book so I went to createspace for the formatting guidelines. I ended up having to put my book back into Open Office or Word and set the page settings to .75 for both outer and gutter, or, right and left, mirrored. Bottom .75 and top .5. I went ahead and reset my pages so I would have the first two without the page numbers, rechecked my pages to make sure there wasn’t any weird paragraph spaces, and save in .pdf format. I found .pdf format is easier to upload.
Note: The guidelines tell you to gutter at .75 and outer at .50, but with those settings the right side pages will run into the bleed!
I had a rough time with my images. Createspace insists the dpi needs to be 300, which is fine by me, but I found that when I changed the ppi is my image size (because there is no dpi setting) to 300 createspace still wouldn’t accept the picture. I found that in order for them to accept my pictures…book cover… first page image was to set the ppi to somewhere between 320-350.
Blake-A Montana Dayton Novel is now in print for 12.95 at Createspace it should be available on amazon soon:)


 BlakePrint copy5x8


Scrivener Part Three: For Print

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