Dark PassageI gave 4 out of 5 stars to Dark Passage by Griffin Hayes. Horror

Great Horror story and not his normal short story either. Griffin Hayes nails horror on the head!

Not only does Tyson Barrett have to deal with his abusive childhood, anger issues, and sleepless nights because of nightmares, his wife leaves him with his 5 year old son. He doesn’t think his life could get much worse. That is until his best friend convinces him to join a pharmaceutical drug study.

Tyson’s life seems to get better with this new drug. He is sleeping again and his nightmares have finally diminished. His life is getting back on track and now he feels like he can get his wife and son back, especially since he is bringing items from his dreams back into reality.

When Tyson loses the drugs the doctor has given him he finds out the clinical study has been closed down and he is on his own. His nightmares come back, bringing back the forgotten horror of his childhood. If he closes his eyes even for a seconds worth of sleep the nightmares follow him into the real world.

Review: Dark Passage by Griffin Hayes

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