LOL! I’m backtracking to Christmas Day because I really wanted to get this picture up and then forgot all about it. It was a very nice afternoon on Christmas, so in-between opening presents and the big dinner get together, me, my son, and a friend of mine, with dogs, headed out for a hike on one of our many back mesa’s. We only spent about 2 hours climbing and walking, but this is one of the many pictures I took.

New Mexico is such a beautiful state:) Enjoy!

As in the picture, it’s really dry this winter and now it’s cold again. I haven’t be out on a walk the last few days because of the frigid winds, and my dog has some rough allergies. I can handle walking at 30+ degrees, but 24- is just to cold for me. Is it time to hibernate yet?

Off The Beaten Path: Christmas Day

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