Heaven-Every girl needs to do this at least once a month! I hope to continue having girls nights over the winter.

This was exactly what I needed considering I am in the process of moving right now (it never ends), trying to get some writing & promoting done while working my money job 4 days a week and keeping up with my teens grades (that’s been fun) LOL.

Sooo.. Blue Corn Vodka German Choc Cake Martini’s- yummy, Dark Shadows with Johnny Depp (Perfect for October fun) , Angle food cake with pineapple, raspberries, blueberries and strawberries and homemade cheese salsa dip with chips to balance out all of the sugar (Yeah right!)

Blue Corn Vodka German Choc Cake Martini’s
1 1/2 oz Blue corn vodka
3 oz coconut milk (from the cans)
1 oz heavy cream
2 oz Hershey’s choc. (Dark is better if you can find it)
Shake with ice and pour.
Add some coconut sprinkles and a dab of whip cream.

He, he I’ve had my sugar splurge for the week:)

For Black Forrest Cake Martini’s add maraschino cherry juice and a couple of cherries.

Warning Note: Dark Shadows is Not for kids! But it is a fun movie if you like witches, vampires, werewolves, ghosts and lots of drama:)

Girls Nite!

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