Because I have been waiting patiently and anxiously to see this movie, I had to write a review on it.

Let me say first that I am so happy I didn’t see it in the theater. The advertisements for Cowboys & Aliens on TV made it look like an action packed movie from start to finish… I was disappointed.

I love Harrison Ford Movies, but I had a problem seeing him as the bad guy in this movie. It was probably just me with this, because, well, I’ll say it- I grew up with Indiana Jones. I just didn’t think he made the best bad guy.

I was also expecting more from Olivia Wilde. I liked her on House. She need more lines though and her character was bland. I’m sure it was just how the movie was written.

I also have to admit, so many of my friends truly enjoyed this movie. That in itself may have gotten my expectations up to high.

I’ve almost gotten to the point where I will not see movies in the theater anymore, because I’m tired of paying a lot of money for a film that may get good ratings, but doesn’t hit the mark with me.

Does this mean that I’m just getting older and expect more-or has the movie industry fallen short since I was younger? I’ve been asking myself this question for the last few years and still haven’t been able to answer it.

Lynn Thompson

Cowboys and Aliens Review

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