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It all starts with a cat….

Jackie and her sister, Joyce haven’t spoken in years. So Bizzy, Jackie’s niece, is none too happy when Jackie returns to Ramsey Brook. Bizzy has missed her Aunt Jackie horribly over the years, but is not sure she can ever forgive her for staying away for so long.

Jackie enjoys the life she has writing her novels and prefers that not to change. But after her sisters call and her assistant Amy’s nagging about how cool it would be to write a novel about the now occupied haunted house in Ramsey Brook, Jackie gives up and decides to make the trip to check out the Fairview House.

Unfortunately figuring out what’s going on with the Fairview House is more difficult than Jackie expects. Add in her sister, her niece, the paranormal society, and things get worse.

Enjoyable haunting read that keeps you guessing.

#Book #Review Beyond the Ashes (Souls Beyond Book 2) by H.L. Baker
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